My Natural Face Lift Massage is non invasive and gives immediate visible results.

The stress and strain of everyday life can show in our whole body, especially the face, causing the connective tissues to become restricted and less supple.

This Natural Face Lift Massage uses repetitive massage movements to lift and manipulate the muscles and connective tissues of the face and neck, promoting good circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients, aiding lymphatic drainage. This can encourage improvement of the overall appearance of the skin. Helping to redefine the contours of the face, jaw and neck, decrease dark circles around the eyes, reduce puffiness and soften lines. Giving you a fresher, healthier, glowing look with sparkling eyes.

The use of Acupressure points and other techniques make this an holistic therapy. Beneficial for the body and mind.
Jaw ache, headaches and sinus congestion could also be eased. Not only will you look great but you will also feel great!

One session is perfect for a good boost and for special occasions, the effects can last for a few days or more. However for a longer lasting effect, a course of 6 regular sessions are recommended with a booster every 4-8 weeks.


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Massage (Back or Full Body)

30 mins - £25 or a course of 6 - £125
45 mins - £37.50 or a course of 6 - £187.50
60 mins £50 or a course of 6 - £250
Extended sessions : 90 mins for £ 70 or
120 mins for £90

Super Back, Neck and Shoulders

45 mins - £37.50 or a course of 6 - £187.50

Clinical Massage

60 mins for £50 Course of 3 for £125
Course of 6 for £250


45 mins - £35 or a course of 6 - £175

Hot Stone Massage

75 minutes for £60
35 minutes (Back, Neck and Shoulders) for £30

Natural Facelift Massage

45 mins - £40 or acourse of 6 - £200
60 mins - £50 or a course of 6 - £250

Head Massage

45 mins - £35 or a course of 6 - £175


30min back massage +
30 mins Reflexology
60 mins for £50
30min back massage +
30 mins Head Massage
60 mins for £50
Add 30 minutes of Reflexology or
Head Massage to another therapy for £25