Reflexology (also known as reflex zone therapy) is an holistic therapy, using pressure to certain points on the feet .The therapeutic benefit of reflexology has been known in China, India and Egypt for over 5,000 years.

It is believed that the body and all its systems and organs are reflected on the feet. Pressure to specific points has a positive effect on the bod,y promoting relaxation, helping to relieve pain and encouraging the body to naturally restore balance.

The main theory as to how it works, is via the many nerve endings in the feet, which on focused compression send signals to the spinal cord and on to the rest of the body.

Being an holistic therapy and I will work through the whole body on one foot and then the other. If you are having the full reflexology session,I will then go back over areas where you have concerns or I have felt tension/congestion.

It is a calming and very relaxing therapy and most people can benefit from Reflexology. It can bring relief to a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions, as well as acting as a general tonic for the body and mind. Some clients have described it as ' a massage from the inside out'!



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Massage (Back or Full Body)

30 mins - £25 or a course of 6 - £125
45 mins - £37.50 or a course of 6 - £187.50
60 mins £50 or a course of 6 - £250
Extended sessions : 90 mins for £ 70 or
120 mins for £90

Super Back, Neck and Shoulders

45 mins - £37.50 or a course of 6 - £187.50

Clinical Massage

60 mins for £50
Course of 3 for £125
Course of 6 for £250


45 mins - £35 or a course of 6 - £175

Hot Stone Massage

75 minutes for £60
35 minutes (Back, Neck and Shoulders) for £30

Natural Facelift Massage

45 mins - £40 or acourse of 6 - £200
60 mins - £50 or a course of 6 - £250

Head Massage

45 mins - £35 or a course of 6 - £175


30min back massage +
30 mins Reflexology
60 mins for £50
30min back massage +
30 mins Head Massage
60 mins for £50
Add 30 minutes of Reflexology or
Head Massage to another therapy for £25