Do you feel achy, tired, stressed out? Maybe you need a 'good ironing
out' and/or some relaxing 'me time' to recover from the physical, mental and emotional demands of every day life. Even machines need regular maintenance to run smoothly....

All my back massages start with a few minutes of hot stone massage to relax the body and warm the muscles. I find most people carry their tension in the back of the body. The muscles in the back, neck, shoulders, hips and the back of the legs take a lot of the strain and its difficult to get to these areas yourself.

After a brief consultation, we can decide what is best for you. My therapeutic massage, as well as being relaxing can also be quite firm to address stubborn 'knots'. My more gentle aromatherapy style of massage would be better for people who don't like too much pressure. I will check in with you at the beginning of the massage to make sure the pressure is correct for you.

I have been told by many people that my massage is one of the best, if not THE best massage they have ever had!

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Massage (Back or Full Body)

30 mins - £25 or a course of 6 - £125
45 mins - £37.50 or a course of 6 - £187.50
60 mins £50 or a course of 6 - £250
Extended sessions : 90 mins for £ 70 or
120 mins for £90

Super Back, Neck and Shoulders

45 mins - £37.50 or a course of 6 - £187.50

Clinical Massage

60 mins for £50 Course of 3 for £125 Course of 6 for £250


45 mins - £35 or a course of 6 - £175

Hot Stone Massage

75 minutes for £60
35 minutes (Back, Neck and Shoulders) for £30

Natural Facelift Massage

45 mins - £40 or acourse of 6 - £200
60 mins - £50 or a course of 6 - £250

Head Massage

45 mins - £35 or a course of 6 - £175


30min back massage +
30 mins Reflexology
60 mins for £50
30min back massage +
30 mins Head Massage >BR> 60 mins for £50
Add 30 minutes of Reflexology or
Head Massage to another therapy for £25